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Amira London Curvy escort a Milano

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A breath of fresh air.

Ciao! Thanks for coming by, I am an independent companion based in Knightsbridge, London, now in Milan. I am an International Law researcher, painter and occasionally model.

My exotic looks come from where the Middle East and Amazon bloom, in other words; I am a Latin woman with Arabian roots, and I am very proud of it! One of the compliments I get the most are how sweet, naughty and curvy I am, if you check my website you'll see that I have been blessed with a truly hourglass figure, all natural.

The trick to a happy life is having something to look forward to, it is therefore why I hope you come awhile having had an unforgettable experience with me that you look forward on repeating again. This is the reason for my success in this industry, because you come back. My Amira Girlfriend Experience is based on connection, without this, I can not give you the best of me. Connection doesn’t mean we need months to truly get to know each other, instead, it requires kindness, the right amount of curiosity, a strong sexual attraction and respect. Overall, all the suitors that I have met, have shared the same opinion in common:

“Amira you make me feel like I have met you many years ago”.

You may wonder, but how? it is the way you contact me, how you talk, what you say and what you don’t say, your body language etc. I try to anticipate what you need before you even know what you want. Pure, uninterrupted attention is what I desire in my GFE meetings, I crave nice human interactions and you will find that I am very particularly fond of being constantly touched, kissed and teased. I have an unreliable love for giving oral and truly enjoy it, it makes me feel so feminine, like a real woman. However, as the real woman as I am, I need to get my part of the cake too, only if you want me to squirt all over your hands.

This job allows me to have personal free time, I keep myself busy reading academic papers, listening to good music, trying new food recipes and exercising outdoors. I like this job because It allows me to develop entrepreneurial skills at my own pace. My perfect suitor will be someone that can relate to me, that likes art, music, sex, business and cats. In exchange, you can meet me as your discreet confidante for the time reserved.

Foreign relations keeps me connected to the world, it gives me a worldwide view of what is happening in the world and how it affects my surroundings. Thus, men with an interest in international affairs will be very keen to me, my career goal is to obtain a P.hD while giving strategic political advice to international corporations.

Be part of my journey.

Yours sincerely,

A x.

Available for Fly-me-to-you to all Italia

In brief, some turn On’s for me:

• A ‘Pussyeater’

• Squirting

• Fine dining and a good laugh!

• Greek, anal (as long as you take care of my ‘her’ first)

• Manly parfum (oud always)

• Handjobs give me ASMR

• Kissing and touching another woman with curves

• Good teeth and a minty breath

• Intimacy: cuddles, ass/tit grabbing, feet licking, slow and intense sex

• Teasing and creative roleplaying

• Fragance and home fragrance shopping

• Deeptroating

• Squating on you

• Men that tip

• Flexible positions, e.g. viennese oyster position

If you are feeling extra kinky and need to completely de-stress and only focus on releasing that energy with a very bendy woman, try the Kinky Experience (on my website).

Fly-Me-To-You to NYC, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Dubai, Doha and Hong Kong.

Ulteriori informazioni

Nome Descrizione
Età 20-25 anni
Capelli Castana
Occhi Marrone
Seno 4a misura
Tipo seno Naturale
Altezza 160-165 cm
Rate €€€€€
Fisico Formosa
Orario Su appuntamento
Foto Autentiche 100%
Timebook Durata minima incontro 3 ore
Mobilità Ricevo,Raggiungo
Dove raggiungo Casa tua,Hotel,Tutta Italia,Tutta Europa,Tutto il Mondo,Yacht,Ristorante,Feste Private,Party,Ricevimenti,Gran Galà,Riunioni d'Affari,Meeting,Compleanni,Viaggi,Shopping,Colazione,Weekend,Crociere in barca
Preavviso Minimo 1 giorno
Sito Personale Sito Ufficiale Amira Curvy Escort
Lingue Inglese,Spagnolo
Accetto Uomini e Donne
Orientamento Bisessuale
Uso Bagno Prima e Dopo
Parcheggio Privato

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Amira London Curvy escort a Milano

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